Enrollment Fee 11,000 JPY (after tax) 

※From second enroll, the 50% family discount may be applied. (5,500 JPY)

※No Annual Membership nor Textbook Fees may be charged

●Group Lesson (Monthly Fee)


Once a Week (1hr/class)

Twice a Week (1hr/class)

Once a Week (2hr/class)

Three times a Week (1hr/class)
Nursery - Elementary 11,000 JPY 20,000 JPY 28,500 JPY

Athlete Class

(6~13 yrs old)

16,500 JPY

31,500 JPY

44,000 JPY

・All the prices  above are after tax prices.

・Athlete Class is for students who play sports or wish to compete at a high level in the future. 

●Online Private Lesson

Pay Per Lesson


Tickets (11 Times)


(¥3,181 per lesson )

・Each lesson lasts 45 minutes

・We customize lesson plans depends on student's needs and preferences. 


●Studio Private Lesson (1 on 1 Lesson)

  1 Person 2 Persons (Siblings)
Pay Per Lesson ¥7,600 ¥9,000


(¥6,909 per lesson)


(¥8,182 per lesson)

・Each lesson lasts 60 minutes

・We customize lesson plans depends on student's needs and preferences. 



*We ask all students and parents to observe the health protocol and follow our studio safety guidelines including wearing a mask all throughout class and sanitize hands before and after class.   


◎Requirements for Application

Please prepare the followings when you sign up

1. Tuition (Monthly Fee x 2 months + Enrollment Fee)

2. Cash Card (ATM Card) or Bank Book

3. Inkan (Stamp) for Your Bank Account


We accept Cash, Credit Card, PayPay, LINE Pay for the First Payment.

Upon your registration, we register your bank account for monthly recurring payments.