HAUMANA1 (6-9 Years Old/ Elementary English Fitness)


☺︎Class Mission☺︎

1.Make It Fun! 

2.Play Games, Sing, Dance, and Play again!


Kill 3 Birds with One Stone! Lean English, Get Stronger, Be Smarter!


Would you like you kids to be good at everything in school? 

studies and researches have proved that multilingual students tend to archive better grades in school and students who play sports daily also have better test scores and behave well. 



The Aloha Kids Learning and Fitness Methods have been created based on children psychology, Early Education studies, Anatomy, Sports Conditioning Studies and it has been proven to work on any kids!


Our students who have been with us for over a half year have higher English listening skills, better pronunciation, core strength, speed, balance and flexibility than the average students in Japan.